Watch the Pamela Anderson Sex Tape Video

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Needless to say, Pamela knows all you should know about Salomon-style sex-tape scandals. When a tape of her and Tommy Lee having sex on a private boat during their honeymoon was stolen from their home and put online in 1998, it made headlines worldwide. And the effects are still felt today. Pamela says she had to explain it to her sons, but she’s sure they will never watch it.

“I still need to talk to my kids about it constantly. There was a tape and we were very much in love and obviously you regret it, but you can’t take it back and that’s what you experience.”

But she says she and Tommy were both pleased to tape their notorious romp. “I don’t think it’s bizarre. I think lots of people do it. I’ve never witnessed it. Tommy informed me not to watch it. He said: ‘You’ll go crazy.’ Therefore I would never watch it.”

So, would she ever tape sex again? “No! I might never have sex again!” But she’s having a laugh as she says it.

She describes her sons as “wild” young men and says her eldest, Brandon, is very protective of his mother. “I like that wild spirit, and that’s important. It’s the toughest thing on the planet to become parent and I haven’t given them the easiest thing on the globe to cope with. They hear things in school – ‘I saw your mum in Playboy’ – and all that. Brandon is very protective. Things will get to him. He’s very emotional. He says: ‘Dad? I don’t care what they say about him. But if they say anything about my mum’ He’s very sensitive.”

Ah, the infamous Pamela Anderson sex tape. Talk about a life enhancing piece of audio visual treasure. High school kids grew hair on their chest, along with other places, after seeing that tape. Pamela Anderson was the greatest vixen of the ’90s hands down. She adorned the cover of Playboy with her presence. She then blew up the TV screen on “Baywatch.” She made a number of bad movies, but we saw them anyway just because she was in them. “Barbwire” was a hot, sizzling pile of horse manure but there’s not a man reading this that wouldn’t watch it again just to see Pamela Anderson. She was every man’s dream girl. That unattainable sexual goddess that we would willfully sign our souls away to the demons just to taste. Then, by the grace of some loser, the Pamela Anderson sex tape surfaced. Watch the Pamela Anderson sextape video for free

In 1998, the lives of millions upon millions of kids with internet access changed forever. The world’s hottest woman was on display for any and everyone to see. Yeah, yeah, she was Playboy’s most popular nude model ever. Yeah, she appeared nude in lots of the films she shot as well. But this was different. The Pamela Anderson sex tape added a human appeal to her. Before, she was the girl we used to empty petroleum jelly bottles to. We would fantasize how it will be to get in between her perfectly shaped thighs and give her all we had. We thought about hearing her moan, about watching her do nasty stuff to our favorite body parts. Now, we got doing at her most vulnerable. We got to see her do the things we’d give our left arms for her to do to us. And you know what? It made us want her even more.

All the Pamela Anderson sex tape accomplished was to strengthen her grip on the male masses. She took what should have been a harming incident and turned it into a career, no, a mystic boosting tool. Like Super Mario and his mushroom, The Pamela Anderson sex tape just built her stronger. Made her sexier, more alluring. It fortified her perfect girl status. It increased her gravitational pull on the male sex drives of the globe.

As far as footage was concerned, the majority of the Pamela Anderson sex tape sucked. It was a number of lame ass, sappy “I love you baby” and “I want you lover.” Oh, and Tommy Lee smoked some weed at one point. There was a total of a few minutes of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson getting it on, but, that ten minutes or so was freaking awesome. And it was awesome simply mainly because that we all loved her anyway. As of 2010, the tape is more than eleven years old but it’s still jerk worthy because of that a few minutes that we got to see our goddess in this vulnerable yet alluring state. The other sex tapes out today don’t match up at all.

Pamela Anderson’s sex tape will go down in history as the best sex tape ever. Why? Since men worldwide loved her anyway. She was not using the tape in order to boost her popularity, because she was already at her zenith of notoriety. These socialites like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian used their “leaked” sex tapes to attempt to increase their respective spotlights. And frankly, the tapes sucked. I mean, who would like to see Ray J getting down on a tape? Their tapes don’t add that vulnerability, that human side to them. They just look trashy, and they don’t look like they know what they’re doing. No, Pamela Anderson’s sex tape showed us all who she really was. She’s a genuine woman who is actually really hot doing things that we all like to do and doing them well. That’s what made us want her even more.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, 1995

Really do not think for a couple who got married after knowing each other for 96 hours to spend their honeymoon than filming their sexual exploits? Certainly not something to pass to the grandkids. But Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee became one of Hollywood’s first Internet sex tape sensations when their affectionate vacation was released on the net for all to see (seriously, it seems like practically everyone has watched this thing). It looked like the tape would outlast their love when Pam and Tommy split in 1998, yet a recent night out at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas left some wondering if the couple might be planning a 2nd honeymoon sometime soon. Hopefully, they’ll leave the video camera at home this time. Free Sextapes